Just Cut the Crap!

and give us our money back!

At the end of May, Alpha Technology announced an extreme upgrade in performance to their product line. These changes came with new power and size requirements not suitable for me or my home environment. As these are totally different products than I paid for I felt I should be refunded. I wanted to review the Terms of Purchase but the original terms page had been changed. That's when my face flushed and my ears got red and I knew there was a lie afoot. Thankfully a fellow customer had a capture of the Alpha website as on January 05, 2014 and was kind enough to provide me a zip file. (It can be downloaded unaltered from the link below.)
The following 4 links are from that zip file. To eliminate posting any copyright issues I have removed most of the formatting, their images, and artwork. I have not changed any content.
I have disabled links back to Alpha's website as not to confuse what was presented with what is being presented.

Terms Of Purchase as of Jan. 05, 2014

About Alpha Technology - Jan. 05, 2014

Product Viper 25Mh/s - Jan. 05, 2014

FAQ - Jan. 05, 2014

Un-edited AlphaTechnologyHomePageJanuary052014.zip

As a customer and an Alpha forum participant I began asking questions and voicing my concerns. On 07/16/2014 I voiced the same concerns on Bitcointalk forum resulting in being banned from participating or being able to even observe at the Alpha Technology Website.

I requested by email, to all known addresses at Alpha, that my order be cancelled and my 30% down payment be returned. I sent funds from a personal account and I would like them returned there. They refused to comply with my cancellation attempt with a standard form letter. Their reply is documented in links forward in this document.

The following links are Email messages sent to me by Alpha Technology. I'm posting them to document a timeline of crap. Other than to remove personal information I have not changed any data in their announcements. The date posted in front of each link is when it was delivered in my email. The Orange texts are just my comments. I will continue to add links.

12/17/2013 - Prototype Report + Product Specs + Future Updates

12/23/2013 - Pricing Terms and Conditions and Full Product Information

12/26/2013 - Registration Open + Downtime Apology

12/26/2013 - Your account on Alpha Technology

12/30/2014 - VAT Update

01/03/2014 - Scrypt ASIC Chip POC Prototype Video

01/04/2014 - Pre Orders Now Live!

01/04/2014 - Pre Orders Live Again!

01/04/2014 - Pre Order Update

01/04/2014 - Your Alpha Technology order receipt

01/08/2014 - Batch 1 Closure + Future Updates (From CEO)

01/08/2014 - Batch 1 Closure + Future Updates (From CEO) Second email - change of final date

01/10/2014 - Updates Management

01/13/2014 - Roadmap Outline

01/15/2014 - Timeline

01/18/2014 - Viper Update 19012014

01/22/2014 - Host Board Block Diagram

01/29/2014 - Developmental Update

02/06/2014 - Community Forum!

02/07/2014 - Welcome to Alpha Technology

02/12/2014 - Development Update 12022014

02/28/2014 - Development Update 28022014

03/12/2014 - Development Update 12032014

03/19/2014 - Matching Competition

03/20/2014 - Big Announcement!

03/27/2014 - A letter from the Managing Director

03/30/2014 - Development Update 29032014

04/14/2014 - Development Update 14042014

04/27/2014 - A Message to Customers

05/13/2014 - Development Update 13052014

05/21/2014 - IMPORTANT Your order update This is when they conspired to steal the money.

05/22/2014 - Payments 22052014 Upgraded hash rate - send money

05/22/2014 - Updated invoiceSo you want the increased hash rate on the invoice - ok send money.

05/27/2014 - Performance Increase! This was the smoke screen. We're giving you more - huge! Please pay now?

05/29/2014 - Updated invoiceYou are aware we increased hash rate right? - ok send money.

06/20/2014 - Viper Update 20062014

07/15/2014 - Payment Processor Update 15072014

07/18/2014 - Re: Cancellation Notice

07/28/2014 - Developmental Update 28072014

07/31/2014 - Leading The Industry Together

08/01/2014 - Final Payment

Next updates coming soon. -M

Alpha has proven itself an untrustworthy entity to have done business with. If I can help it I will not simple allow them to extort more money from me or to hold my down payment as hostage, or just go away. They have lied to procure funds as is obvious from their statements in their email time line. The "Alpha Team" has conspired to defraud and therefore should be held accountable by British law.
The following links are made available to me from a post made by retro72 on bitcointalk. Thank you for your insight and hard work.


You can file small claims court proceedings online here:

Money claim online can be used by people living outside the UK but you will need a UK address.
Fortunately you can use a service address. More information about money claim can be found here:

Small claims can be heard in absence and the fees are very reasonable and can be found here:

You can contact the UK Citizen's Advice Bureau direct on 08454 040506 or fill out the form on their website. They will pass your complaint on to UK trading standards. If they receive enough complaints they may start a criminal investigation into Alpha. The form can be found here:

You can take these steps even if you are not a UK or EU citizen, as Alpha being a UK company are bound by UK Consumer law.

Below is a great site about one guys experience using Money Claim Online.

Or you could just sidestep the courts and unleash the debt collectors on to them. Cost: 15% of recovered funds. No win no fee.

For those who are not in the UK and are considering using Money claim online you will need a service address.
This is an address in the UK where mail is sent, then forwarded on to you.
Here is one such company, I have never used them so check them out yourselves but they do forward mail internationally
and accept personal as well as business customers.

Also here is a link to the Financial Conduct Authority's Share scam reporting form

Hope this helps
Reference Article: bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=314402.2780


Anyone with anything to add to these lists please use the email link at the bottom of the page.